Michelis Maschinenbau

  • mowing bucket
  • landscape maintenance
  • engine building

Work platforms

MICHAELIS develop, constructs and produces self-propelled and stationary work platforms. Nowadays this goes essentially with formulated concepts according to customer's specific requirements.

The circle of users whose requirements are met includes general industry applications as weil as for example areas of work at Deutsche Bahn or solutions in aircraft construction andin automation companies.

But not only there are access solutions of the manufacturer in place. The work platforms are also commonly used for maintenance and installation works in all sorts of production areas.

Hubmobile (MH)


Hubmobile (MH/S)


Articulated Work Platform (MTG/supported)


Articulated Work Platform (MTG S/360°)


Telescopic Scissor Lifts (MTS)


Buckling arm work platform (MK)


Stationary work platforms (MIB)


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Vorheriges | Nächstes 

Exposition / Dates


NEW! (G medium) Gear mowing bucket medium


This model is a weight optimized version of the gear mowing bucket.

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