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Front attachment for weed control machines (KM 20 T/S)

hydraulic driven, can be pushed out laterally

Compact attachment for mechanical weed removal on paved surfaces, on ways and squares an on roadsides, equally suitable for general cleaning and for kerb areas.

The model KM 20 T requires a vehicle related oil circuit for operation. The space-saving configured design benefits the respective application in all respects. Due to the hydraulic lateral displacement there is a very good view on the job.

The brush plate is available either mechanical or hydraulically adjustable.

The two offered sizes T and TS make a suitable selection for different vehicle widths and performances possible. The required oil flow for operation is a mere 28 respectively 35 constant lpm at 160 bar.

This machine is suited weil for attachment on municipal vehicles, tool carriers, loaders and all tractors and vehicles with the required oil flow capacity (providing compatibility and set-up for vehicle size is given).


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