Michelis Maschinenbau

  • mowing bucket
  • landscape maintenance
  • engine building

Special machinery

Among our company's special machinery section are system components for construction machines
like ...

  • cabin elevation units for mounting on excavators
  • protection guards, cabin lifting devices
  • customised vendor components for the construction machinery industry
  • access components (steps and stairs)
  • special drivers cabs

... as well as special lifting equipment and general machinery and plant engineering

  • plant specific custom solutions for assembly lines to be integrated in automated processes
  • maintenance, visual and function control, installation, welding etc.
  • electric-hydraulic lifting devices (lift jacks) for railway operation
  • changing frames for utility vehicles

Thanks to the wide spectrum of MICHAELIS machines a high in-house production depth and various manufacturing and processing options are available. Therefore the company is perfect for special projects, which on request also includes design planning and construction.


Design-specific manufacture of system components for the fields of utility vehicles and construction machines as well as the industry are part of the range of products for a long time.

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Examples of accomplished projects and an extract of our wider product range:

Electric-hydraulic lift jack T 20

Lifting capacity: 20 tons
Effective stroke: 1, 19 m
User: Deutsche Bahn
Use: Lifting loads


Example: Stationary lifting device MIFB within a paper manufacturing plant

Basic dimensions here: 6,00 x 9,55 x 5, 70 m

Due to the plant diagonal travel alongside the structure is necessary. In addition the platform has a vertical lifting function (additional lift: 2 m) for maintenance tasks within the production plant.

Customised project planning, construction and manufacturing of stationary work platforms within automated assembly lines.

Making drafts and developments including the execution right up to ready-to-mount condition of the section to the overall system.

For many years cabin elevation units KHG (hydraulic cab elevations / cab lifts) are part of the range of MICHAELIS. Such a long-term experience as manufacturer in this field gives the reason for a comprehensive assortment on proven concepts and forms also a base for future projects.

The scope of services of MICHAELIS comes with construction in accordance with the existing requirement specification document as weil as the realisation.

System components are planned, made and delivered just-in-time.

Because of the broad range of services the company represents itself as a capable partner for the construction machinery industry.

The company has optimum production capabilities for this product line.

System components for construction machinery. Drivers cab for tunnel use.


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NEW! (G medium) Gear mowing bucket medium


This model is a weight optimized version of the gear mowing bucket.

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