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Lightweight mowing bucket with semi gear drive

Due to its reduced own weight the lightweight bucket is an ideal mowing equipment for attachment on smaller midi excavators, mini excavators or for mounting on power arms.

With this attachment mowing of riverbanks and ditches becomes effortless and efficient.

As for the other MICHAELIS mowing buckets the trusted and insensitive MICHAELIS cutting system is used and with semi gear drive it provides a high cutting performance. The small installation and mounting effort of this mowing bucket model means it is easy and affordable to get up and running.

The respective adaptors and quickcoupling adaptors are customized.

Semi gear lightweight mowing bucket SGL
... preferably to be mounted on mini excavators and smaller excavators and also for power arm operation.
Cutting widths: 1,50 to 2,50 m
Required oil flow capacity for operation: 24 lpm (constant)
Cutting width: 3,00 m
Required oil flow capacity for operation: 30 lpm (constant)

Service direct from the manufacturers and solutions for specific customer needs are also produced.

(G medium) Gear mowing bucket medium
This model is a weight reduced version of the gear mowing bucket.

This enables the use on carrier vehicles with a narrow lifting capacity.

This means the medium version is applicable if a reduced weight of tools is of advance like for a start if used in conjunction with a stick extension or extra long equipment and also for power arm operation on a tractor or for transport purposes.
Special feature for MICHAELIS mowing buckets

Hydraulic tilt arrangement
With the hydraulic tilt arrangement it is possible to put the mowing bucket into a transport or inclined position without removal.

The tilfarrangement is available for all models: G, G medium, SG and SGL.


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NEW! (G medium) Gear mowing bucket medium


This model is a weight optimized version of the gear mowing bucket.

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