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NEW! (G medium) Gear mowing bucket medium


This model is a weight optimized version of the gear mowing bucket.

It enables a use if the carrier vehicle has a reduced load capacity.

The medium version is highly usable if reduced own weights of the tools are of advantage for instance if the excavator uses a stick extension or has extra long reach equipment. Also for power arm operation on tractors of for transport purposes.

Hydraulic tilt arrangement


With the hydraulic tilt arrangement it is possible to put the mowing bucket into a transport or inclined position without removal.

The tilt arrangement is available for all models: G, G medium, SG and SGL.

Front mounted machine (KM 40)


For removing intensely weedy large areas such as car parks, yards, cycle ways, roadsides and edge areas.

Suitable for mounting on small cultivating tractors with PTO shaft. No additional hydraulic oil circuit required.

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